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Scheibel Birne in die Karaffe (Pear in a Bottle)

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Matured straight into the bottle from bud to fruit. In autumn, the fine fruits are then picked from the tree in your GLASHAUS - our original ingrown Williams-Christ pears. Only the most beautiful are filled with Williams-Christ pear brandy. Refilled over and over again, the pear gives off its fine aroma over the years.

Nose: strong pear on the nose with subtle hints of quince and elderflower

Taste: soft on the palate with nuances of citrus and intense pear taste

Finish: long-lasting fruit in the finish

Enjoyment tip

Refill the carafe again and again with our William Christ Pear. The spirit of the pear will be preserved for years.

Style: Williams Pear Schnapps

Size: 700ml

ABV: 40%

Standard Drinks: 23