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Premium Birne in die Karaffe Pear 700ml

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Nose: strong nose in the nose with subtle hints of quince and elderflower

Taste: soft on the palate with nuances of citrus and intense pear flavour

Finish: long-lasting fruit on the finish

How does the pear get into the carafe?
Skill and a good eye are needed when in the spring the classically beautiful decanters are placed over the delicate pear buds and fastened with nets to the branches. During the summer, the buds ripen to handsome Williams pears and after harvest are filled with fine Scheibel Williams-Christ pear brandy.

Pleasure Tip
Refill the carafe over and over again with our premium Williams Christ pear brandy. The spirit of the pear will remain so for years.

Serving temperature: 16-18 ° C

Alcohol content: 40% Vol.