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Oldesloer Kummel (Caraway)

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Northern European countries have a dramatically different approach to food and drink when compared to their Southern European counterparts. Where the Italians, French and Spanish drink wine with a meal, the Germans, Danish and Dutch cultures call for spirits to accompany their cuisine.

Over time, regional specialities have developed, all subtle variations on a somewhat similar theme. That is usually grain or potato-based spirit flavoured with herbs and spices. Carraway, cumin, fennel and anise are popular ingredients and can be found in varying degrees in most examples of the style. In countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Norway spirits known as 'snaps' or Aquavit are commonplace on the dinner table. The German and Dutch speciality is Kummel, which like its counterparts is a spirit flavoured with caraway or cumin amongst many other spices and flavourings. Try it from the freezer with sauerkraut, herring or sausage.

Style: Carraway Liquor 

Size: 700ml

ABV: 32%

Standard Drinks: 18