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Baumann Glacier Ice Liqueur 500ml

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The uniquely cool ice & fire liqueur Gletscher Eis is an amazing blend of citrus (somewhat like Cointreau) and herbs. The taste changes and becomes softer when Gletscher Eis has been ignited. The crystal formations in the bottle are intentional and natural, They grow and change over time, making each bottle of Gletscher Eis unique. Gletscher Eis is bottled at 100 proof but as the crystals grow the proof can rise as high as 120 proof. Here"s a hot drink for all you spirited enthusiasts. Steeped with herbs and full of hot, spicy flavors, Gletscher Eis is certain to warm you up on those cold winter nights, it also makes a devil of a shooter for all those hot summer evenings. Tastes deliciously icy when served chilled and rocks you up when treated to a burst of flame. And oh yes, do you know about the fire ritual? Fill your glass to the brim and set Gletscher Eis ablaze. Blow out the fire and enjoy the beguiling complexity of rich grain and herb flavors unlocked by the flame.