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Doghouse Distillery - Baller Vodka

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Baller comes to us via the Doghouse distillery in Battersea. It's made using a base of 100% wheat, completely distilled in London, and bottled without any filtration. The result is a marvellous base for cocktails and mixed drinks. Also, who taught that dog to dress so smartly?! It's putting us all to shame!

 Recently awarded "Best Spirit" in Great Britain in the 2019 Great British Food Awards, Baller is London's only vodka made fully from scratch using 100% English wheat. Full of attitude, this baller is totally unfiltered (no flavour stripping here!) and loaded with character. Full of flavour with a ridiculously smooth finish.

Fun fact - the double-sided label was designed by a street artist.

Perfect Serve: Lots of ice, ginger beer, lime and mint!

Style: Vodka

Bottle Size: 700mL

ABV: 42%

Standard Drinks: 24