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Insel Brauerei - Baltic Gose

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Pack Size: Bottle: 330ml

Its history

lil Bucky is underway in the Baltic sea is news of the most recent sighting of a humpback whale in the baltic coast native waters inspired Insel Brauerei to create a new beer and using sea salt.

There is in fact an old German, almost forgotten beer style with salt: the Gose. A refreshing beer that is traditionally brewed using lactic acid fermentation and salty water, or is seasoned with cooking salt and coriander.

Inspired by the island, Insel Brauerei Baltic Gose has been given a fresh kick: very gently soured, brewed island style with sea salt, and fermented using a fine Bière Brut yeast. Insel Brauerei's interpretation of an old German beer style with a maritime character – very unique.

Sommelier's description

A very elegant beer from the Baltic sea is brewed with sea salt, finely seasoned and fermented using a Bire Brut yeast. Maritime-mineral notes with a hint of pear and quince tickle the nose. A very smooth, lightly effervescent drink with a delicate sour note and a dry finish. Pleasurable, wine-like, refreshing.


Brew water, barley malt, wheat malt, dextrose, natural hops, yeast, sea salt, spices (the sugar is completely fermented during bottle conditioning - the traditional method)

Style: Sea Salt Sour Ale

Bottle Size: 330mL

ABV: 6.5%

Standard Drinks: 1.7