Why wine is wonderful

Australia is, as well as Germany, known for its diverse wine regions. No matter if Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, or Baden, Mosel and Hessen – you will most likely find a winery around there with at least one wine you will certainly like.

And we’re not surprised, considering that wine can be so much more than just a nice drink on a Sunday afternoon. 

If you’re a long-time wine lover or just started to get into it, here are our #fridayfive explaining why we love wine.

1. Almost as old as the time itself

Something that can’t be argued is the fact that wine has a rich tradition and history. Even Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were cultivating grapes to make wine thousands of years ago.

2. Improve your health

This is probably the most debated point on our list, and yet, according to studies, wine can reduce the risk of a heart attack. Well, having 1-2 120ml glasses of red wine per day, just so you know.

(Disclaimer: first, moderation is the key, second, we’re not a doctor!)

3. Wine is the perfect partner

And we’re not just talking about a nice romantic dinner… Reading a good book, watching a movie, meeting up with family and friends, enjoying a moment on your own – wine is for every occasion and every mood. So grab yourself a Monkey Rosé and take some time off.

4. Presentation

But if it comes down to a special occasion, a glass of red wine makes every dinner table look simply amazing. And something that has been enjoyed over important dinners for thousands of years, can’t be a bad choice, right? We recommend a Spätburgunder as it goes well with strong cheese, a nice pasta dish or the typical German “Sauerbraten”.

5. Your personal reason

We could’ve written down hundreds of reasons why wine and its culture are lovable. However, in the end it is up to the individual taste. What makes wine the perfect drink for you? On what occasion do you consume it? 

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