Using German spirits to spice up your everyday

Thank you, Bavaria, for creating German spirits that we can draw on for any occasion, any day.

When…you want to snuggle under the doona

You know the type of day we’re talking about. It’s cold, you’ve put on the trackpants, and gotten cosy under the blanket. You’re planning on doing nothing else except catch up on your Netflix playlist. To add that extra something special, make a boozy hot chocolate. BBC has this amazing list called 5 boozy hot chocolates your granny wouldn’t make. Not for you as a child, maybe! Another one combines two chocolate loves: coco and Nutella…with a hint of rum. Thank you The Kitchn!

Ideal German spirits for a naughty hot chocolate: any Dooley’s cream liqueurs, Kapt’n Flint Spiced Rum

When…you need to relax after a long day

Most days are great! You smash those goals, empty your inbox, and maybe finish the grocery shopping within your budget. But once in a while the day seems to drag on unmercifully. All you want is an easy dinner and to relax on the couch. Reheat that leftover spaghetti bolognaise and pour yourself a tipple, you earned it.

Ideal German spirits for a quiet night in: Wilthener Goldkrone Brandy

When…your mates/cousins/parents come by unannounced

You love family, you do. Because you can’t escape them! They don’t always have to be blood either, friends are the family you choose. When they stop by ‘on the way home’, dinner and drinks are usually going to be in their minds. This is when having any of Maisel’s wheat brews or some other German spirits in your cupboard comes in handy.

Ideal German spirits for unexpected family visits: Von Hallers Gin, Wilthener Goldkrone Brandy, Baikal Russian Ice Vodka

When…it’s footy night and you’re in charge of drinks

Footy finals, State of Origin, the rugby World Cup. All of these are occasions when someone close to you throws a gathering and asks you to bring something alone. Lucky for them you have a few crowd pleasers and an inner mixologist ready to do its thing!

Ideal German spirits for footy night: Von Hallers Gin, Hardenberg Vodka

When…it’s a girls night in

You and your girlfriends are long overdue for a catch up but don’t want to spend half your pay on cocktails. The solution? Order something from UberEats and whip up these insta-ready cocktails! You don’t need to go out to have a good time, especially when you have quality German spirits in the kitchen.

Ideal German spirits for girl time: any Dooley’s cream liqueurs, any Scheibel schnapps varieties

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