Use German Liquor The Next Time You Cook These

Fun fact: You don’t need to drink alcohol to find it useful. Wines, vodkas and beers have had their share of unique uses over the years. You know the scene in movies where white vodka is used as a sterilizer. What we’re telling you in this blog is a little less extreme, but also incredibly useful.

Make your own beer batter

This will come in handy on Friday nights during Lent or anytime you need a guilty, greasy fry-up. Plus, you’re not waiting in line at the fish and chip shop. Ales work best, according to Food Republic. Combine a bottle of beer, ¾ cup of all-purpose flour, salt, and pepper to make this simple batter. Dip the fish, fry and enjoy!

Marinate your steak

With red wine. No, that’s not angels you hear singing in the background with this magical piece of news.

Apparently, wine makes a great tenderizer. If you’re notorious for cooking steak ‘well done’, throw the fillets in a ziplock with some German wine. Cook after a few hours of marinating and prepare to gloat when the cooking is done.


Spice up your hot chocolate

It’s an old trick but a reliable one. Red wine, berry schnapps, and rum are just some types of German liquor you can splash in your coffee or hot chocolate to give it some extra oomph. We recommend Dooley’s or Kapt’n Flint.


Chocolate cake like your German grandma made it

Rotweinkuchen is literally Red Wine Cake in German. ½ cup of the stuff goes into the cake batter to make this sinfully delicious bundt cake. Topped with a glaze, it’s hard to stop at one piece.


Rum and raisin EVERYTHING

Ice cream, cake, biscuits, the variations will keep you busy for weeks! If you like the idea of a cake, use this recipe from Olive Magazine.


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