5 Ways to Treat Yo’Self With Leftover Cash From Your German Liquor Budget

German liquor is pricey unless you know where to get it for cheaper. And cheaper prices equal more money in your wallet. You have some money left over, and we’re ready to aid and abet some YOLO spending.

  • Get some more

Say you bought German liquor for a party and your guests drank the quota. There’s no harm in using the leftover cash to get yourself a bottle of schnapps or a case of beer.

German Liquor Supplies cuts out the middleman; essentially the bottle shops and bars that increase the prices to make hefty profits. A bottle of schnapps from us, for example, is equal to three cocktails on a Friday night.


  • Put it in savings

Yes, this is the more ‘sensible’ option. There’s nothing wrong, though, with having some extra cashola for a rainy day.


  • Buy a feast

You have your German liquor, now it’s time to make a menu around it. Have a night in with a couple of friends or family or get some goods from the butcher. Beer and barbecue meat are always a winning combo, especially if there’s currywurst involved.

Alternatively, you can turn your nice hot chocolate into a naughty concoction if you treated yourself to a bottle of rum.

First, we feast!


  • Holiday time

Leftover cash equals a night away at the beach? Slightly on the wishful thinking side but every dollar helps? Check out your local holiday guide for some out-of-town ideas and bring a case of beer with you for that night on the deck.


  • Shop. Hard.

It’s your money, you’re allowed how to spend it however you like. So it’s totally fine to get those new Nike shoes, that matching set of activewear, the suave blazer in the shop window, those Bose headphones…we could go on.


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Schnapps, dinner and Netflix; the ingredients for a great night in

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