Refreshing, sweet and sophisticated cocktails with Von Hallers Gin

Von Hallers Gin is old school and has remained in style over the centuries. The gin’s origin begins when Albrecht von Haller, a naturalist considered ‘the father of modern physiology’, founded what is now known as the Old Botanical Gardens of Gottingen University. It was there he grew the three main ingredients that would flavour the gin; lemon verbena, German ginger, and Halleria. The latter was named after von Haller and grew small, sweet smelling fruits.

Von Hallers Gin is a liquor with much potential that is wasted on only making gin and tonics. Shake up your regular routine with these suave cocktails.

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Amazing cocktails you can make with schnapps

Schnapps completes most German meals, served as a shot at the end of lunch or dinner. Throwing it back at room temperature is the norm because it’s the best way to appreciate the flavours and aromas. But mixologists have gotten creative and use schnapps in a variety of cocktails, some of which we’ve shared here.

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