More Than Rudesheim Wine: Things to do in this gorgeous wine region

Rudesheim am Rhein is a top winemaking region in Germany that’s a recommended stop for liquor aficionados. But there’s more to this town than a good red. Here are some ideas for your trip.

Get a local Airbnb

Besides Rudesheim wine, the town itself is located on the Rhine river. Snag a listing with river and vineyard views for some Kodak moments.

Airbnb listings


Have some coffee

Disclaimer: this isn’t your regular jar of Moccona/ground beans from Brazil. This coffee is sweet and strong.

Rudesheimer Kaffee, as you’ll find it’s named in the little shops lining the river, is made from:

  • Strong brewed coffee
  • 3 sugar cubes
  • Brandy
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate shavings

Safe to say you’ll have your daily coffee fix after your first (and only) one. It’s tempting but avoid the Black Forest cake. Save it for another day when you’re not brimming with sugar and caffeine.


Go on a forest tour

The Black Forest is central to the livelihood of the distilleries and wineries in the area. Without it there wouldn’t be any Scheibel schnapps or Rudesheim wine! Black Forest Tours is the go-to company for tourists needing a local’s insight.


Meet a saint

Eibingen Abbey was founded by St Hildegard of Bingen in the mid-12th century AD. It was dissolved in the early 1800s before being revived in 1904. The nuns of the order were expelled by the Nazis but managed to come back after the war.


The abbey is a World Heritage Site and is listed the #3 place to visit in the region on TripAdvisor. The nuns hold craft workshops and make wine from the vineyards to sell. They’re also heard singing their prayers on a daily basis.


Ice cream for dinner

We all know and love ice cream sundaes. Some of us don’t have the patience and eat straight from the tub. But can you wait long enough for a serving of ice cream spaghetti?

The dish was created by a man called Dario Fontanella in Mansheim. He created it by feeding ice cream through a noodle press. The sundae was topped with strawberry sauce and white chocolate parmesan to give the illusion of spaghetti neapolitan. Ask for spaghettieis in a German ice cream parlour and then buy yourself a noodle maker when you get home. After one, you won’t want to have regular ice cream again.

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