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Wikinger - Hanf - Hemp Honey Mead Ceramic

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Mead from HAITHABU !!!Authentic hemp mead from the Viking country for real honey wine enjoyment.
In HANF WIKINGER MET, the natural taste of honey is combined with the delicately tart aroma of hemp. As one of the oldest and most versatile crops on earth, hemp was already known to the Vikings and was used in various ways. The naturally cloudy WIKINGER MET with hemp is a special treat for everyone who values natural, aromatic mead. This mead comes from the historical home of the Vikings, the region around Haithabu in Schleswig-Holstein. It is still made today according to Viking tradition. Exquisite raw materials and fine honey stand for the highest quality mead. Viking mead from the Vikingland - mead tradition for over 1000 years.The special taste experience!

Style: Hemp Infused Honey Mead

Size: 500ml

ABV: 10%

Standard Drinks: 4