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Weissenoher - Zwickel Pils 750ml

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**Best Before Date: 10/6/2020**

We had been itching for some time to make a somewhat strong, full-bodied Helles. So we made a batch of Pils with an elevated level of original wort, 13.6%. Additionally, we dry-hopped generously, using our traditional Hersbrucker noble hops. This way, this time-honored variety of hops, a native of our Franconian home country, will fully develop its impressive aromatic potential. Our Zwickel Pils is a non-filtered beer, paying homage to the tradition of bottling straight from the barrel. Satisfyingly full-bodied and aromatic with hops. Our Zwickel is a Weissenohe masterpiece of an expressive, regional and traditional specialty beer.

Style: Unfiltered Pilsner

Available As: Bottle - 750ml, Case 6 x 750ml

ABV: 5.6%