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Weiherer - Zapfenduster

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After the huge success with their Rauchbock, the Brazilian-Bavarian cooperation is entering the third round. The Franconian Kundmüller brewery, which brews the good and well-known Weiherer beer, cultivates a friendship that goes beyond all borders. More than 9,000 kilometres separate the two brewers Roland Kundmüller from Weiher and Alexandre Bazzo from the Cervejaria Bamberg in Brazil, but that doesn't stop them from brewing beer together.

On the occasion of the International Week of the District of Bamberg, a beer was to be created that would represent both Bamberg and the city's contacts and friendships all over the world. Since you couldn't just meet for a little chat, the brewers communicated and talked shop via email in order to find a recipe for their collaboration brew. The result is Zapfenduster, an imperial stout that represents Brazil with its fine coffee notes and Bamberg with its wonderful smoky note.

 Zapfenduster. The deep black beer forms a fine, hazelnut-brown head that is wonderfully creamy and exudes an aromatic scent. Delicate roasted aromas tickle the nose, a hint of chocolate and a strong coffee note tempt you to take the first sip. The initial taste reveals a full-bodied beer that is wonderfully soft and velvety on the tongue. The aromas of melt-in-the-mouth dark chocolate and freshly brewed coffee caress the palate. Despite the strong 8.5% alcohol content, the beer is wonderfully light-footed and extremely tasty.

German down-to-earth attitude and Brazilian fire in one beer - you have to try it!

Style: Stout

Size: 500ml

ABV: 8.5%

Standard Drinks: 3.3