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Insel Brauerei Baltic Farm


In preparation for the German Beer Sommelier Championship, we set up our own training camp at the Island Brewery, practising on concealed beers. One beer style repeatedly grabbed our attention during these blind tastings: Farmhouse Ale. The diversity of flavours and the enjoyment potential of these beers left a lasting impression on Frank and Markus. We just had to produce our own interpretation of this so little-known beer style!

Farmhouse Ale or Bière de Saison is an old beer style from Wallonia – brewed somewhat stronger, dry, refreshing, and aged for a long period over the winter. In the New World, it is brewed using fruity hop varieties and is generally known under the name Farmhouse Ale.

We have transported this beer style to the rural heart of the island, shaped by farming, and given it a German signature. We experimented with different yeasts and have teased out the special aroma potential using open fermentation. The robust peppery yeast note has been combined with a fruity hop: the juicy melon bouquet of the German hop variety Hüll Melon. This has resulted in a highly pleasurable interpretation with a wine-like, dry mouthfeel. A fruity-spicy melon bouquet with a “gentle” 8.5 % alcohol – unique.

Sommelier’s description

A surprising, intensive hop bouquet of juicy melons with a hint of pepper awakens the interest. A light amber radiance in the glass with an opulent head and a distinctive body. Pleasurably spicy with a wine-like dryness and a peppery-bitter finish. A unique taste composition and a perfect accompaniment to food.


Brew water, barley malt, wheat malt, dextrose, natural hops, yeast (the sugar is completely fermented during bottle conditioning – the traditional method)


Style: Farm House Ale

Available As: Bottle - 330ml, Case - 12 x 330ml

ABV: 8.5%