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Scheibel Alte Zeit Zibärtle Brand Liqueur 700ml

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The Zibarte is an old wild plum style. It grows on relatively small spiny trees, which are rarely higher than 5 meters. The Zibärtle, as the Alemannic name, as a herbaceous spring from March to April their white splendour. Their fruit colour changes between yellow-green, reddish and blue. The diameter of its fruit reaches up to 3 cm. It has a core and can be eaten away from the tree. Most are harvested in autumn after the first frost. An exhausting and because of the thorns not completely painless matter. But the taste of Zibärtle Brand pays for the effort. A rich bouquet of flavours enhances the sense of smell and taste: naturally, plum full, accompanied by delicate hints of anise and peppermint. Afterwards, a pleasant marzipan note develops.