Pilsner? Lager? What’s the Difference?

Pilsner! where does it fit in? With the abundance of craft breweries and the ever-growing “categories” of beers out there, Standing in front of the beer fridge has never been so hard. The internal debate of wanting to try something new but also, wanting a beer you won’t pour down the sink and telling yourself you have wasted more money on worse things, leaves you in front of that fridge longer than you would like. You are picking a beer it should be easier. Let us help you by breaking down One sub-category.

Pilsner is a Lager

In Short, there are two main types of beer, Lagers, and Ales. The best way to distinguish between these two types of beer is: Ales use top-fermenting yeast strains and tend to taste more fruity and full. Whereas lagers use bottom fermenting yeast strains and tend to have a clean crisp flavor. All of the Sub-categories fall into one or the other. So beers such as I.P.A, Oatmeal Stout, Tripel all fall under Ales. Beers such as Pilsner, kellerbeir, doppelbock all fall under lager. Below is a very basic chart showing the breakdown of lagers and ales

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Lager and Ale Chart


What Defines a Pilsner

The lager style of a Pilsner first came about in 1877, named after Pilsen, A German town in Bohemia (Czech Plzen) where it first was brewed. The story goes that Josef Groll, (a Brewer) used new techniques and paler malts. Combining that with Pilsen’s remarkably soft water and a type of noble hops– Saaz , to create a clear, golden beer that the locals found to be quite tasty.

So, in Short, a Pilsner is a Lager that has been brewed with hops. (usually Saaz Hops) By adding the hops, it decreases the chance of the beer spoiling during fermentation. Which back in the 1800’s when brewing beer was more guestimation and cleanliness wasn’t a priority it was a necessary development. Thankfully now we have a lovely Subcategory of beer which is perfect for a hot summers day.


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Eucharius Pilsner

Eucharius Pilsner



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    Paul Drewes says:

    I am a German Bier Drinker -Only- I prefer a Good Pils —-I will not Buy a Bad German PILS??? That’s if there is one….?… Now I usually buy Beer in a 12or 24 Carton Buy— depending on PRICE !!! Mainly 330 Ml. Bottles I live in N S W Do you supply a Good range to choose From ?? Could you please send me a price list through the e mail System Thank You – Paul


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