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Admit it, we all end up at the bottle shop every now and again. And even though, it’s like entering adult Disneyland, it can be quite overwhelming with all the options, and not knowing what to buy.

Luckily, we’ve got your back and telling you 5 mistakes we all have to face while browsing the bottle shop and how to avoid them in today’s #fridayfive.

1. Stick to the well-known

We’re all the same, once we found a good bottle of wine or a tasty gin, we stick to it and buy it over and over again. And to be fair, there’s nothing wrong with that. But how about trying a brand your best mate told you about like, for example, the Von Hallers Gin?

2. Stay in the budget

The price can be important, especially if you only have a certain amount of budget to work with. Nevertheless, $5, or even $10, can make a difference, when it comes down to buying alcohol. So, next time you want to buy something consider looking around and be flexible.

3. A screw top must be cheap

Back in the days, wine used to have cork, and up until today people believe that it means quality. But the opposite is the case. Screw caps are pretty good for aromatic wines, and a lot of excellent wines are coming with it. All our wines are shipped with screw tops, so why not give it a try with a Rosé?

4. Ignoring the bottom shelf

Apparently, the shelf placements has everything to do with price. While you find the least expensive items on the bottom shelf, the price of the bottles increases as you make your way up.

However, the price doesn’t decide if a liquor is drinkable or not. Meaning, you might find one of the – for you – best ones on the bottom shelf.

5. Do your research

The variety is massive – we all know that. There are so many types of gin, so many different rums. And due to the fact that the internet knows best, how about using it and get some more information about the latest trends, the newcomers on the markets and the best to buy options.

And while you’re already online, why not skip the drive to the bottle-o and order your alcohol online with us:!
We’re more than happy to give you all the information you need, or simply make suggestion on what to try next if you want to mix it up.

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