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Maisel’s Weisse – Award Winning Beer

Oktoberfest is not the only thing that comes to mind when thinking of Bavaria, a region South of Germany. Tourists from all over the world come to Maisel brewery in Bayreuth to enjoy a Maisel’s Weisse, the #1 Wheat Beer of Germany.

However, did you know that the brewery is purely family owned? Or that it has more to offer than “just” a Wheat Beer? If not, we’ve got you covered.

1. Experience the Maisel World

maisel beer
maisel beer

The “Beer Experience World” is Maisel’s way of giving an insight into the brewery. You can see, smell, hear and taste Maisel beer. But most of all, you can visit the museum which is part of the Guinness Book of World Records For having the largest collection of beer Steins – Over 5,500 and about 400 unique enamel signs on display.

2. Maisel’s Weisse – The Worlds Favourite Wheat Beer

maisel beer hefe
maisel beer Original Wheat

Maisels Original Won Worlds Best Wheat Beer for 2018. That is Something that Takes 4 Generations to Perfect and Everyone at Maisels Weisse Brewery is happy about that Achievement. Try it For Yourself, Buy it Here

Did you know there’s a Light Version of the slightly fruity, full-flavored wheat beer? Over the years, Maisel brewery has extended their beer range not only with the Maisel’s Weisse Dunkel or Kristall. You can now get the taste of the award-winning beer even as alcoholfree beer.

3. A family owned business

One reason to open up Beer Experience World is the fact that Maisel brewery runs in the fourth generation. Since being founded, it is fully family owned. It sticks to traditions, and business decisions are made according to the company’s values. The most important one was the creation of a “champagne wheat beer” in 1955, better known today as Maisel’s Weisse Original.

4. Something new, but still Maisel

Because of the continuous growth of the craft beer industry, Maisel had to find a way to honor its origin and taking a step into something new at the same time. Under the trade name Maisel & Friends, the brewery creates their own craft beers but valuing the old brewing standards. Just have a look at the Pale Ale. It’s golden in color, fresh and tropical fruity flavored with a caramel malt backbone and light citrusy zest. Different, but appreciated.

5. Maisel’s Star: Recognize Quality

Decided on trying the beers, but not sure if you’ll end up with the right one? There’s an easy fix. All Maisel beer bottles have the so-called brewer’s star on the label. It’s a symbol for traditional brewing as well as quality as it represents the six “elements” involved in the process:

Maisel brewer's star
  • water
  • hops
  • malt
  • yeast
  • the beer’s spirit: carbonic acid
  • and, of course, the brewer.

Pay attention to it, and you’ll end up enjoying a beer brewed with tradition, knowledge and high standards.

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