How this liquor wholesaler can help level up your home bartending game

German Liquor Supplies was once known as Alpen Liquor. We were once a liquor wholesaler to establishments like pubs and restaurants, but then we realised the demand of the everyday consumer.

Why are we telling you this? Why should you choose us over the local bottle shop? We have a few good reasons…

You get access to the good stuff

Germany is famous for quality creation and as a liquor wholesaler we’re dedicated to delivering it to Australian enthusiasts. Our suppliers are the best in the business, some with a hundred years plus experience! Who are they?


Maisel’s Weisse: this brewer is famous for its wheat-based creations and the preferred brand for those who drink it. Maisel’s was founded in 1887 but their now-staple creation was created in 1955.

Scheibel: Another family-owned business that quickly became a national favourite. Scheibel started out selling Black Forest Schnapps, a liqueur named after the region where the distillery was located. They’re dedicated to their craft to the point of installing 22 carat gold plates in their boilers to trap excess acids and sulfides.

Oberkircher: This winery is also located in the Black Forest region, a picturesque valley fit for a scenic postcard. The mild climate makes it perfect for growing wine-quality grapes, a practice that goes back as far as the Roman period. Oberkircher winery’s craft, and their strict quality control, have been passed down through the generations

Unique liqueur that gives you an edge

Do you have an inner mixologist ready to let loose? Crack open that recipe book, line your liqueurs up, and get creating! These specialty tipples will give you an edge when you bring them to your mates’ house. Why? Well, you thought about bringing unique, European drinks in the first place! Bragging rights, earned!


Reasonable prices

As a liquor wholesaler, we have the experience of sourcing the good stuff and selling it on to retailers e.g. bottle shops. They later sell it on for a profit. But when customers buy directly from us, they cut out the middleman and the extra costs. What will you do with the savings? Buy an extra bottle of schnapps or ingredients for an amazing meal to go with your drinks menu.

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