Level up your next barbecue with Maisel beer

Barbecues in the backyard or in the park are an essential part of the Australian lifestyle. It’s come a long way from grilling up some steaks  with a bunch of nondescript beers in the esky. We made a checklist to help you host a barbie your friends will be ‘suggesting’ you host again.


What’s an Aussie barbecue without quality beverages. ‘Beer snobs’ and connoisseurs have set new trends with what we drink, particularly with beer. Imported beers like Maisel add an exotic air to the menu and provide variety to the drinks menu.  

Maisel is known for creating wheat-based beers with a fruity aroma. It’s dream pairing? Sausages! It’s also sweet enough to have with dessert. German Liquor Specialities stocks plenty of Maisel options including:

  • Chocolate bock, the German interpretation of Irish stout. Good for BBQ ribs and dessert.
  • Bavarian ale, a good all-rounder that you can enjoy with anything.
  • Weisse Dunkel, perfectly paired with barbecued meat


Thanks to social media and cooking shows, as well as a need to out-do our friends, appetisers have come a long way from a bowl of Smiths chips and Allen’s snakes. The solution for more adult tastes? The not-so-humble cheeseboard. They’re dominating Pinterest and loved by entertainers everywhere because they don’t require a lot of effort.

A quality cheese board (charcuterie board if you’re feeling fancy) is an assembly of salty, sweet, hard and soft. Cut your choice of cheese, place it on a cracker, top it with a piece of fruit or jam and wash it down with a pale ale. The best part? It doesn’t cost the earth because you can get the ingredients from your local supermarket.

(images via Baked in the South)


Main course

During the appetisers, the designated barbecuer will have been busy working their magic with the meat. At an Australian barbecue you need a mix of:

  • Sausages
  • Rissoles
  • Steaks (small and large)
  • Kebabs
  • Chicken breasts, thighs

You can find any of the above in the shops too, but why not go for quality and make a trip to the butcher? If you want extra ‘oomph’, marinate some of the meat the night before. Of course if people are vegan/vegetarian, there’s meat-free options available from the shops. Check out this article from Nutrition Australia for some healthy ideas (Barbecue – The Aussie Tradition).


There’s always room for it at the end. Brownies, cake, and mousse tarts go well with Maisel Chocolate Bock. The stout is infused with extra barley and malt with dark chocolate notes making it a sensation for both the nose and taste buds.


Aussie barbecues are best done with friends on a sunny day, normally in a public park or the beach. If you or your friends have an amazing barbecue and patio area, though, decide who’s cooking and designate who brings what food. Don’t forget the Maisel!

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