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New year, new us!
Like everyone else, we look back on a fantastic 2018 and are excited for 2019. Reason enough, to change things up a little bit and give you a short read every Friday.

So, welcome to the new blog segment: #FridayFive!

And what better way to start than with a topic that everyone can relate to.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t feel bad
if your New Year’s Resolution already failed

Remember all the big plans you had five days ago?
Did you want to quit smoking, go back to the gym, or eat healthier?
Have you already failed?
Well, we all have been there, we all have done that. But here are five reasons why you don’t have to feel bad about it and why it’s not too late yet.

1. New Habits

Why do you want to start new habits with the new year?
No need to wait for the first of January, get on the changing train whenever you feel like it, and we promise you’ll stick to it!

2. Going to the Gym

If you waited until New Year’s Day to hit the gym, you’ll probably end up like all these other people that had the same idea: You get fed up about a month into it. However, if you really want to get more active – why not try hiking groups or a new sports club? Being active sometimes is all about finding the perfect training buddy, not about starting it in January. Ever thought about you might prefer winter sports?

3. Don’t pressure yourself

You wanted to finally quit smoking or change your diet, but spent the first day of the new year suffering a hangover and have been too weak to follow through? It’s not too late yet, a few days is nothing. Get back on track and start today. We believe in you!

4. Do what’s good for you

This year’s going to be it. You’ll find your dream job, you’ll buy that house, you’ll go on that flight to visit countries you have always wanted to… Well, don’t just talk about it. Make it real! Lucky you, there are opportunities all year round!

5. Quality matters

Is it really necessary to cut back alcohol with the beginning of New Year? We get it, Christmas included a lot to eat, and lot to drink. New Year’s Eve is all about the bubbles and celebrating as well… We understand. So how about you cut back on the cheap booze and focus on treating yourself with more quality? We absolutely support that decision! 😉

So whatever you decided to do with your Resolution, keep in mind you do have 365 days, and every one is a new opportunity. And when you finally reach your goals, don’t forget to celebrate with style – and German Liquor Specialties.

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