Intercultural Australia Day

Hang in there, it’s a long weekend! Wohoo! Who else is excited for an extra day off?

We’re so looking forward to it that we don’t want to miss out on telling you our today’s top #fridayfive.

5 things we like about Australia Day

1. The Public Holiday

As obvious as it is, but who doesn’t like a public holiday? It gives us an extra day to spend with family and friends, to enjoy a hot summer day and relax.

2. Meet Ups

Australia Day is all about meeting people. Go to a local park and mingle with others, enjoy a picnic, a cricket game or just a casual afternoon doing nothing.

3. A Beach Day

Spending the public holiday at a beach is a typical thing to do, and we totally support that. It usually is going to be a hot day anyways.

4. The BBQ

Oh, the good old Barbecue. Australia Day is the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family around you, throw a shrimp on the barbie, and have a nice dinner.

5. The Drinks

Crack a gold one! A BBQ wouldn’t be complete without a drink. So enjoy a cold one with your mates from our massive range, have a sparkling like the Silberstern Riesling Sekt with your girlfriends and enjoy the moments.

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