Insel Brauerei

Insel Brauerei – Rügen’s Unique Brewery

Insel-Brauerei was established in August 2015 in Rambin on the German island of Rügen. They only brew their own creations, inspired by international beer traditions and rare historic styles that had been nearly lost to history. Whilst being very proud of their unique beers, the resourcefulness of the brewery is what makes it stand out.

Reason enough, to tell you 5 facts that made us decide to work with Insel-Brauerei in this week’s #FridayFive.

1. And the Award goes to…

As important as personal taste is, awards don’t lie. The beers of the Insel Brauerei have won multiple prizes at the 2016, 2017 and 2018 World Beer Awards in London as well as the Meininger Craft Beer Awards. That’s why we’re excited to not only have unique beers in stock but also world champion ones, eg. the World’s Best Belgian Style Blonde & Brut Beer. You really should get your hands on them as quickly as possible.

2. Brewing Philosophy

The one thing that makes Insel Bräu so special and successful is the brewing philosophy. All beers are natural and unfiltered. The brewery uses special malts and yeasts as well as exclusively natural hops, only adding whole cones to the brewing kettle. To develop their full flavor, the unique beers undergo a three step fermentation process: the main fermentation in open vessels, secondary fermentation in tanks, and third fermentation in the bottle. 

3. Solar Energy

With an average of around 1,800 hours of sunlight annually, Rügen is the perfect spot for a brewery that uses solar energy. The roof of Insel Brauerei was fitted with solar panels in August 2017 and since then, the bottling plant has been operated using their own solar electricity.

4. Using Recycling Paper

As the beers are undergoing their third step of fermentation in the bottles, they have to be protected from light to guarantee the long-lasting freshness and quality. Hence why the bottles are covered in wet strength wrapping paper which is provided by a FSC certified supplier.

5. Sea Eagle Project

As you probably have noticed already, Insel Brauerei is all about being resourceful and aware of economic and environmental changes. Therefore, they started the so-called “Sea Eagle Project”. The Sea Eagle is an endangered species on Rügen. In cooperation with animal conservation organizations such as WWF, the brewery wants to spread awareness for protection of these birds and make its own contribution to save their habitat. 

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