German liquor gifts for the VIPs in your life

Liquor is a ‘safe’ option to give as a gift. You can go outside the box, though, and purchase some German liquor for the very important people who deserve it.

For the teachers

Your child’s teacher most likely has dozens of bottles of wine stacked in their cupboard, end-of-year gifts from grateful parents. Go that little bit further and wrap up some Wikinger Mead.

Mead is a wine made from fermented honey and water. Varieties around the world are flavoured with different spices and botanical infusions. You won’t hear about this German liquor much, compared to beer and schnapps, but it’s a creative gift option for end-of-year presents. Just in time for Christmas!

For your gal pals

Kapt’n Flint is a great gift for the girlfriend who doesn’t like her liquor too sweet. Captain Flint, though fictional, was known for both his brutality and love of rum. If your friend has a take-no-prisoners approach to life, this rum will suit her perfectly.

For your best mates

Possman cider comes from Frankfurt and made with apples from the company’s orchard in Hessen. It can’t get more authentically German than that! The cider is hard, not too sweet, and slightly dry.

When you go over to your mate’s for a get-together, whether it’s the footy, a barbecue, or their birthday, bring a case of Possmann’s for them to enjoy long after the party’s over. You’ll be that amazing friend who brings amazing German liquor to their house.


For your partner

Show your special someone how much you love them and get them a bottle of gold water. That’s the translation of Goldwasser.

Danziger Goldwasser Real Gold Flake started out as an alchemy experiment in the 1500s that grew into a German liquor enjoyed by the likes of Catherine the Great. Peter the Great loved it enough the have a permanent order with the distillery during his lifetime. The liqueur itself is made with roots and herbs including cardamom, cinnamon, lavender, cloves, and thyme.

For the parents

Any of the above are suitable, but the Danziger is especially appropriate. Your parents took you to school, stayed home when you were sick, and are there when you need someone to trust. For their next anniversary or a birthday, Goldwasser will help you make that ‘thank you’ special.

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