Früh Kölsch

Früh Kölsch – Welcome to Australia

Früh Kölsch has just arrived on Australian shores again. To celebrate its arrival we are going to tell you four facts about Kölsch that you probably Didn’t know.

1. Region Controlled Beer

Firstly to Brew Kölsch, you must have your brewery based with the city limits of a town called Germany called Cologne. In contrast, Some of you may have had a Kölsch before that wasn’t brewed there. How breweries get around the tight restrictions in regards to brewing that style of beer is rather quite easy. They simply remove the umlaut (ö) on the o and say that it is a Kolsch beer style.

2. What makes a Kölsch, a Kölsch

Firstly Bottom-fermented beer started to appear in the Cologne region in the early 17th century and its popularity threatened the business interest of the brewers of Cologne, who only produced top-fermented ales. As as result the town council of Cologne in 1603 forced young brewers to swear an oath. “that you prepare your beer, as of old, from good malt, good cereals, and good hops, well-boiled, and that you pitch it with top-yeast, and by no means with bottom yeast.” In 1676 and also again in 1698, the council tried to legislate against bottom-fermented beer by forbidding its sale within the city walls. However, by 1750, Cologne brewers were competing against bottom-fermented beers by using a hybridized brewing process, first brewing their beer using top-fermenting yeast but then ageing the beer in cold cellars like bottom-fermented beer, hence that is how the beer style of Früh Kölsch was born.

Traditional serving style for Kölsch. 

3. Traditional Serving Style for Früh Kölsch

In Cologne, Kölsch is traditionally served in a tall, thin, cylindrical 200mL glass called a Stange (“spike” or “rod”). The server, carries twelve Stangen in a Kranz, a circular tray resembling a crown or wreath. Instead of waiting for the drinker to order a refill, the server immediately replaces an empty Stange with a full one, marking a tick on the coaster under the Stange. Therefore if the drinker does not want another refill, they simply place the coaster on top of the empty Stange and pays for the number of beers marked on the coaster.

4. 111yrs of Früh Kölsch Brewery

For over 111 years there is Früh Kölsch. That’s over 111 years of brewing culture in the shadow of the cathedral, more than 111 years of Cologne history, more than 111 years of family tradition – and above all, more than 111 years of outstanding Kölsch.  Read More

Cölner Hofbräu Früh

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