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Hear Germany and think of food? Or beer? Or both? If you’re in the planning stages of organising a German trip and want to take amazing culinary snaps, check out the articles below from around the web. You might find some things to do you didn’t consider before.

Three-Minute Travel Guide Around Vienna | Bloomberg Pursuits

The crew at Bloomberg have a taste for things classy and high-end and you’ll find them exuding from the suggestions in this article. Vienna’s not in Germany but the influence from the latter is heavy through the country. Suggestions include museums, boutique cafes, and local quirks you should expect. One of them is having schnapps at the beginning of the day.


12 Berlin Food and Drink Experiences You Can’t Miss in Germany | Spoon University

Beer tours, street food, eating blindfolded, and ice-cream. What’s not to love about Berlin? Spoon University has taken the quirky, the popular, and the out-of-the-box experiences to be had around Germany’s capital and put them all in one place. There’s also some handy tips, like spending a few hours at lunch. Take it slow, chew, and savour. When in Germany!


The 5 Best Brewing Hotspots in Bavaria | Huffington Post

The hard-working staff at the Huffington Post have done the hard work for their readers and listed 5 of the best brewery tours to be had around Germany. Most of those listed are in the hinterlands and take some time to reach if you don’t plan properly. The payoff, though? Going somewhere ‘off the beaten track’. Not all locations have formal tours because they’re small, but the writer gives some tips on how to manage.


Rudesheim is one of Germany’s top tourist spots | Escape

Imagine coffee so strong you nearly fall over. That nearly happened to the writer of this piece after he knocked back a Rudesheimer Coffee…with brandy. The drink is a popular staple in coffee houses, but it’s not the only item on a menu that attracts 2 million tourists (annually) to the region. It’s riesling is a drawcard, too. If you want to bask in the rays of winemaking country, hop on the bandwagon and book a few nights in Rüdesheim am Rhein.

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