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Weissenoher Bonifatius Dunkel

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Pack Size: Bottle: 500ml

Light chestnut. Puffy, sticky white foam. The enticing aroma of anise, almond, hazelnut, earth, and toffee. Relaxed carbonation. Complexly malty on the initial sip, with a medley of toffee-glazed nuts, rich hay, honeyed biscuits, and creamed coffee. Big Munich punch. Immaculately clean attenuation enables the luscious, artfully placed flowery Hallertau to flourish and pillar the centre. Finishes sassy and airy, with minerals paving the way for a flavoursome fusion of nutty, creamed coffee malt and a spicy-floral punch of hops. A clean and lovely Dunkel that weaves subtlety with complexity.

Style: Dark Lager

Bottle Size: 500mL

ABV: 5.1%

Standard Drinks: 2.2

BBD: 02-05-2024