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Germans do Christmas on a whole different level that Australia has a hard time meeting. Their Christmas markets are covered with a fine layer of snow and scents like frying dough and sweet biscuits fill the air. We don’t have white Christmases, but we’ve got German wine. And what’s wine without dessert? Here’s 10 recipes that’ll satisfy your sweet (or savoury) tooth this Christmas.

Gluhwein (Spiced mulled wine) by Masala Herb

Gluhwein is a staple Bavarian drink to have in your hand when you’re wandering through the German Christmas markets. Some recipes go through a whole 24 hour process, though this one will only take you 20 minutes. Mulled wine recipes have a red wine base with a variety of spices muddled through it like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Glühwein: Spiced Austrian-German Christmas Mulled Wine


Roast beef with red wine sauce by Piedmontese

What’s an Australian Christmas barbecue without steak? This recipe has traditional Bavarian elements like buttermilk onions and sauce made from German wine. This dish is called rostbraten, literally roast beef. The leftovers are great for sandwiches the next day!


Drunken Chicken in Red Wine Sauce by The Spruce

Bacon, chicken and red wine all simmered together in the oven…what a combo! This recipe isn’t exactly a traditional Christmas go-to but it’s great to put in the centre of the table at dinner. In German it’s called Beschwipster Huhn (drunken chicken).


German-style roast pork with beer gravy by Taste

Get some pork on your fork, as the saying goes. The recipe doesn’t use German wine, rather dark beer or larger to make a rich sauce. Get started on this dish early Christmas Day to make sure everything’s ready by lunchtime.

Get some pork on your fork!


Chocolate Red Wine Cake by Pretty Cake Machine

Germans make amazing wine…and cake. Plus, what’s a party without dessert? This German wine-infused cake takes decadence to a whole new level. Called rotweinkuchen, the author’s grandmother used real chocolate shavings and ‘a healthy splash of red wine’ in the batter. But any alcohol is baked off and the end result is a treat that will have guests scrambling for seconds.

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