Summer time

Some think it’s the best time of the year, some can’t stand it. No, we’re not talking about Christmas, we’re talking about summer. That time of the year, when the sun is so hot you sweat as soon as you get out of the shower, when the drinks can’t be cold enough and all you want to do is sit in front of the air con.

We feel you, and luckily our #fridayfive will give you some ideas on how to survive the heat.

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Another birthday gift

How about planning ahead this year?
Is your friend celebrating his or her birthday soon? Your partner said they don’t need much for their special day but you still want to surprise them?
But as for last year, and the year before, you’ve got no idea what a suitable birthday present would be?

Well, we do have the perfect advice for you in today’s #fridayfive!

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Introducing #FridayFive

New year, new us!
Like everyone else, we look back on a fantastic 2018 and are excited for 2019. Reason enough, to change things up a little bit and give you a short read every Friday.

So, welcome to the new blog segment: #FridayFive!

And what better way to start than with a topic that everyone can relate to.

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Pilsner? Lager? What’s the Difference?

Pilsner! where does it fit in? With the abundance of craft breweries and the ever-growing “categories” of beers out there, Standing in front of the beer fridge has never been so hard. The internal debate of wanting to try something new but also, wanting a beer you won’t pour down the sink and telling yourself you have wasted more money on worse things, leaves you in front of that fridge longer than you would like. You are picking a beer it should be easier. Let us help you by breaking down One sub-category.

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Use German Liquor The Next Time You Cook These

Fun fact: You don’t need to drink alcohol to find it useful. Wines, vodkas and beers have had their share of unique uses over the years. You know the scene in movies where white vodka is used as a sterilizer. What we’re telling you in this blog is a little less extreme, but also incredibly useful.

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Put These On Your Itinerary For An Amazing Trip To Germany

No doubt you know somebody who’s made that ‘amazing trip’ to Europe, with a few days in Germany. The sights, the people, the food. Has it spurred your wanderlust? If you’re planning the trip yourself or hired a travel agent, bring these ideas to the table.


  • Visit a castle

The hardest part is picking one. Be a daredevil and check out one in each region you visit! Neuschwanstein is the staple attraction and it might have inspired the design of Disney castle, do you really want to battle crowds of tourists? If your answer is a ‘hell NO’, check out the interactive maps on Roads to Ruins. They have a roll call of castles, forts, and palaces in each of Germany’s 16 states.


  • Go to the Black Forest Region

Not just for the cake! The Black Forest/Oberkircher/Rudesheim region is famous for distilleries and wineries. The ecology of the area is perfect for the orchards and vineyards that produce the fruit needed for quality liqueurs. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Black Forest area borders France. That’s only a hop, skip, and a car drive away!

Black Forest Tourism


  • Have all the traditional dishes

If it’s not pictured on Instagram with #foodporn, then it didn’t happen. German food has satisfied bellies in restaurants around the world, but they’ll never match the real thing. Put these on your list:

  • Rouladen: pickles, bacon, and onion wrapped in veal
  • Käsespätzle: egg noodles. Basically German mac and cheese.
  • Maultaschen: ravioli the size of a dumpling, seen below. A funny story is people would eat these during Lent in spite of the pasta containing meat. The pasta covered the meat, therefore ‘hiding it’ from God.
  • Prinzregententorte: sponge cake layered with chocolate buttercream and covered with a chocolate glaze.


  • Visit the markets

Specifically the Christmas markets. Sip on some mulled wine and browse the amazing wares you can’t find anywhere else. Wanderlust lists their top 8, from Berlin to Rothenburg (the latter has a Christmas Museum!).


  • Go to Flower Island

Mainau is maintained as a garden island and peak season produces amazing flowers. If you have hayfever, get those antihistamines ready because the trip will be worth it!


  • Soak up knowledge on Museum Island

This UNESCO site has five museums that are heaven for brainiacs. They house exhibitions in art and archaeology; the bust of Nefertiti lives in the Neues Museum.



  • Check out the local pubs

Germany has so many different varieties of beer you could drink a different one every day for over a decade! A big part of this is thanks to regional breweries with unique recipes. The bigger breweries will have publicised guided tours, but you’ll have to hunt harder if you want to check out small, regional ones.


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Never make these mistakes when looking at German beer

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