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Use German Liquor The Next Time You Cook These

Fun fact: You don’t need to drink alcohol to find it useful. Wines, vodkas and beers have had their share of unique uses over the years. You know the scene in movies where white vodka is used as a sterilizer. What we’re telling you in this blog is a little less extreme, but also incredibly […]

Put These On Your Itinerary For An Amazing Trip To Germany

No doubt you know somebody who’s made that ‘amazing trip’ to Europe, with a few days in Germany. The sights, the people, the food. Has it spurred your wanderlust? If you’re planning the trip yourself or hired a travel agent, bring these ideas to the table.   Visit a castle The hardest part is picking […]

The Anatomy of a Great Schnapps

There’s cheap schnapps at the supermarket and then there’s quality liqueur from a distillery that’s been brewing for a few hundred years. Schnapps is made differently on every continent. But there’s a few tell-tale signs that will help you tell good from great.

Never make these mistakes when looking at German beer

German beer has a long and varied history. It started as a simple drink made in monasteries and now it’s being served by hipsters in craft breweries. When you’re looking at buying German beer as a gift or planning an overseas trip that includes stops at a few local pubs, don’t make these mistakes.

5 Undeniable Reasons Why You Need Schnapps

Schnapps is a drink that people from the German/Austrian region have become so accustomed to that they down a shot before breakfast. They need it as a part of their culture and routine. You might not need this fruity, herbal liqueur for the same reason but we have 5 compelling ones below.

Schnapps, dinner and Netflix; the ingredients for a great night in

A good night is stereotyped as an occasion where you go with your friends to an establishment and spend money on drinks (butterscotch schnapps anyone?). Lots of them. A number that warrants you avoiding a glance at your bank balance the next day. But have you considered a way to meet up with friends without […]

German wine 101

We stock German wine that will make your friends weak at the knees, but it’s best to know what you’re buying before you rock up to their house and brag about it. There’s grape varieties to consider, wine making regions, and even the name on the label. Where to start?! Let’s begin with the basics.