Another birthday gift

How about planning ahead this year?
Is your friend celebrating his or her birthday soon? Your partner said they don’t need much for their special day but you still want to surprise them?
But as for last year, and the year before, you’ve got no idea what a suitable birthday present would be?

Well, we do have the perfect advice for you in today’s #fridayfive!

5 arguments why our products are the perfect birthday gift all year round.

1. The products itself

With over 100 products in stock, our range is massive. And no, we don’t just offer beer – even though that’s what Germany is associated with the most. We are proud to ship excellent wines, schnapps, rum, as well as gin and more from one side of the world to the other. And we guarantee there’s a product for every taste.

2. All about quality

Gifting German Liquor Specialties is gifting something with quality. All our products are produced on high standards based on traditions, quality, and knowledge by our suppliers. Some with a tradition older than 100 years.
And these standards are accredited, not only by friends and families, but also by officials with awards and prices.

3. A convenient shop

You don’t even have to leave the house to organize the gift. Just head over to our online shop and order it – and while you’re already loading up that basket, why not treating yourself as well?

4. Pair it up

Whatever you decide to get: another case of beer, a new wine experience or one of our incredible spirits, it doesn’t have to stand alone. Our products are the perfect addition to gift vouchers, hampers, or other little surprise presents.

5. Make them feel special

We bet everyone had the pleasure of receiving alcohol as a present before. And speaking of experience, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, what you buy will make the difference. Treat your loved ones on their birthday with exceptional and premium products as that’s what they deserve!

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