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You always wondered why we import the alcohol instead of distributing just Australian one? You want to know why we do love our jobs? No problem at all, we’re here to answer these questions for you!

We listed our top 5 why we’re doing what we’re doing in today’s #FridayFive.

1. The obvious

German Liquor Specialties is our way to bring the taste of German Liquor to Australia. We import beer, wine, schnapps and more that not only represents the specialties of German but also European alcohol culture. And with culture we mean: How is the alcohol produced, how is the beer brewed, what’s the specialty about the grapes? It is more than just selling a product, we’re selling everything that comes with it.

2. Family matters

A fact that most of our suppliers have in common are their companies are often already handed over to the third or fourth generation. This means, it is important for the companies to stick to their values as well as traditions and improving their empires is more than just looking at it from a business point of view.

3. Quality? Quality!

All the products we import are produced within the highest standards. Our suppliers set great value upon the production process as they want to give their customers what they deserve: a high-end quality beverage created with economic changes and nature in consideration.

4. Pure product love

What can we say… we love the products we sell! We wouldn’t import them if we didn’t think they are the best! We love the taste, we love the people behind them, we love the way they’re packaged… we just love them.
And because we believe in our products ourselves, we want them to be experienced by the people we think appreciate them the most: you, our customers!

5. Our Customers

We appreciate every order, every review and every picture of the beverages you enjoy. And every time we see a satisfied and happy customer, we know we’re doing something right. We want you to enjoy the quality of a drink we think you deserve.
That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing.

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