Affentaler Winzer eG

Affentaler Winzer eG

Even though Germany is well-known for its beer culture, the wine culture is not less important. We could now talk about random facts like that Germany has the steepest vineyard in the world or that oak barrels are preferred in the winemaking process.
However, we’d rather like to give you some insight information about one of our suppliers and that’s why today’s #FridayFive is all about Affentaler Winzer eG.

1. The story behind the monkeys

The idea to put monkeys on the wine bottle was brought up in the 40s, because of the name of the local community “Affental”. Not because there used to live monkeys, but because of the name of the valley where the grapes used to be harvested. The valley was called “Ave-(Maria)-Tal” which quickly translated into “Affental”. And up until today, the bottle is a trademark of the Affentaler Winzer eG.

2. A long tradition

In December 1908, 24 winemakers launched the Naturweinbauverein Affental (nature wine society Affental). Meaning, the Affentaler Winzer eG look back at more than 100 years of experience of wine making. Something that German Liquor Specialties values as with tradition and experience comes quality.

3. The year 1949

In 1949, a monkey bottle is filled for the first time with nothing else than an Affentaler Pinot Noir. Did you know that the bottle was designed by a pharmacist from Karlsuhe?
More importantly, do you keep the bottles once you finished it?

4. Award winning wines

The Affentaler wines are premiered and awarded which we as a distributor are really proud of. We want our products to be of high quality and standards. When the products win awards, it’s not only important for our suppliers, but also for us. As it supports our decision to bring these products to the Australian market.

5. The range of wines

Last but not least, the Affentaler wines are covering the range of wines that are most famous in Germany: A Pinot Noir, a Riesling and a Rosé.
Hence, the decision if we want to add those three monkeys to our product list was quite easy to make.

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