5 Undeniable Reasons Why You Need Schnapps

Schnapps is a drink that people from the German/Austrian region have become so accustomed to that they down a shot before breakfast. They need it as a part of their culture and routine. You might not need this fruity, herbal liqueur for the same reason but we have 5 compelling ones below.


You have (and need) good taste

As a ‘cultured’ adult, you know what makes a good tipple different from the mass-produced swill.

Plus, once you have a taste of perfect, why go back?


Paying for overpriced drinks is overrated

Nights out with the mates and the girlfriends are great, but the credit card bill afterwards is not.

Think of it this way. The price for a single bottle of quality schnapps is equal to the three or four cocktails. It’s equal to the round of drinks you pick up for your friends. You need schnapps in your pantry to help save those dollars. Pick up a bottle of Scheibel’s and some martini glasses from Kmart.

You can shake these up hate home and save a hundred bucks


Treat yo’self

It’s not even Friday yet but you deserve something because your Hump Day was a killer. This is when you. Need. Schnapps. And maybe some chocolate. And definitely your couch and the Netflix remote.


They look good

It’s okay to feel a little smug after amassing a collection of colourful schnapps bottles. Because one; all the colours! And two, there’s a fully stocked bar within walking distance of your front door.

Dress to impress doesn’t always apply to your outfit. It covers your interior decorating skills too. Instead of hiding the schnapps away in the pantry, clear off a shelf and arrange them nicely. Put the cocktail shaker and some shot glasses alongside them for the finishing touch.


Good memories from trips gone by

Photos are great and last a lifetime. But bottles of spirits are popular keepsakes and are great souvenirs from amazing trips, from Asia to Europe. No doubt there’s a rum from England, some sake from Japan and champagne from France sitting in Aussie homes everywhere.

Scheibel’s distillery sits in the Black Forest region of Germany, near the city of Strasbourg. Distillery and brewery tours include tastings and the opportunity to purchase the goods in the shop on-site. Make sure you bad your suitcase appropriately!

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