5 connoisseur-level German liquors you need

The everyday Australian will go to the local bottle shop for the spirits they need to mix up some cocktails. But having some premium German liquors in your cupboard will up your game on those Friday night drink meetups. German Liquor Specialities has an abundance of choices but we’ve listed 5 here to help you reach connoisseur level in your mate’s eyes.

If you want to knock people’s socks off, crack open the Woodka. It’s one of the strongest, most flavoursome German liquors that we have in stock thanks to being fermented in oak barrels. Unlike other spirits, this one is better served straight, rather than over ice.


For those with a sweet tooth! Dooley’s brand has been awarded for being one of the world’s best cream liqueurs. It’s best enjoyed as a dessert to finish a meal. The white chocolate flavour is infused with Dutch cream and wild berries. The end result is a smooth liqueur with fruity tones.


This Irish-German gin is one of the most popular German liquors in the world. Albrecht Von Haller was a naturalist who founded the botanical gardens at Gottingen University. The  herbs from this garden were made to create his brand of gin. The garden still sends the herbs to Ireland today to make the gin.

Rum is the drink of choice for famous pirates like Captain Jack Sparrow. But German liquors like Kapt’n Flint are of better quality compared to the cheap swill from centuries past. Kapt’n Flint is a Caribbean-inspired spiced rum best enjoyed on the rocks.

Fun fact: Captain Flint was a fictional character from Treasure Island. He plundered nearly a million pounds worth of loot and buried it somewhere in the Caribbean islands before murdering his crew to keep its location a secret. His last words were…

Darby M’Graw – fetch aft the rum.”

Don’t mess with this guy

Schnapps is made from distilled liqueurs like rum which are then flavoured with a mixture of fruit and/or spices. Scheibel’s can be enjoyed either on the rocks or with a glass of champagne. Their range of flavours is wide-ranging and boasted as ‘exotic’. There’s certainly no disagreement here since we stock tastes like:

  • Apricot
  • Blueberry
  • Walnut
  • Sour cherry
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